Meet the maker

So I’m Charlie, I live in Hawkshead with my partner Simon and our little fur baby Bertie. I was born in Cumbria and love living in my hometown near family and friends. 

I created Lottie Love initially as a hobby and a therapeutic way to deal with my mental health condition and slowly but surely turned it into a business. Currently the business is run by myself and Simon and mum gives a hand when large orders come in. 

We work with high quality designer fabrics from all around the UK and tend to design our own templates to give you unique gifts. Most our products are one of a kind (especially our handbags) and a lot of time and hard work goes into selecting the fabric, haberdashery and thread to ensure we offer high quality products. 

We offer a variety of products to suit everyone’s budget, but if you wanted anything in particular making we do offer a bespoke product service and all you have to do is direct message me or email us